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Build a blog workshop: June Academy


This is the supporting website for the Build a blog workshop, the June Academy course about blogging, podcasting, and vlogging. You will be directed to this libguide throughout the course. If you have down time, you might want to spend some time exploring. We guarantee you will learn something. We leave it up to you to take advantage of the many cool tools included here. There are too many for me to teach to the entire class, and everyone has different interests. We will guide you and answer your questions while you lead the way.  

--Mrs. Hanson and Ms. Fuchs


You will get this worksheet on the first day of class. Reflecting on it and answering it thoughtfully will help you wrap your head around the possibilities before you as you develop your authentic blogging voice on the platform of your choice. You will turn it in to me at the end of the first session.


build a blog worksheet page 1

image of build a blog worksheet 2

image of build a blog worksheet 3

image of build a blog worksheet 4

image of build a blog workhop worksheet 5

image of build a blog workshop worksheet 6


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