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English 9 Choice Unit: Databases


Here are some resources and ideas to get you started. Mrs. Hanson is ready to help you find sources, both in the databases and outside of them, and also help you cite them.  She can also help you focus your searches.

Search Tips

Put quotation marks around words to search for the exact phrase.  
Example:  "the exact phrase" will give you those three words next to each other instead of all pages containing those three words anywhere in the document.

If you're not finding what you want, work on your keywords.

Evaluate your sources to make sure they are authoritative. Remember the CRAP test!


Encyclopedias are the best place to start learning about your topic. You can "mine" articles for keywords. Look for proper names, places, and terms that are new to you. You can use these words in other sources to find more information.


News Sources

Searching newspapers for information can be tricky. The most important thing when searching is your choice of keywords. If you're not finding any information, your keywords need work.  


General and Subject Databases

More places to find information on your topic.