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English 9 Choice Unit: Presentation tools

For Ms. Chaimainis' and Ms. Schomp's classes


Here are some presentation tools you might want to try for your project.  Mrs. Hanson can help you use them, and help you decide which one is best for your project.  If you don't want to use any of these, she can also help you find something else or troubleshoot with you.


A very easy to use graphic design tool. Use it to make posters, images, slides, and multipage documents. You can design beautiful magazines and books, too--simply add pages and download a PDF file.


Biteable is a three-step animated video maker that lets the user choosefrom animation styles, upload pictures, select and change font, colors and text, in an incredibly easy process. Final videos can be emailed and shared at the click of a button.

Biteable video examples

Full disclosure: Mrs. Hanson hasn't used this tool, but it has excellent reviews.


A great infographic maker with lots of tools, like graph makers, design templates, photo uploads, color palettes, and design templates. If your story has lots of quantitative data (charts, numbers, comparisons) this is the tool for you.

Picktochart example

Adobe Spark

Make an automated powerpoint-like presentation with your audio recorded over it. Easy to use.

Full disclosure: Mrs. Hanson has not used this tool, but it has excellent reviews.

Lightning Talk

  • Use Powerpoint or Google slides. 
  • Tell your story in 15 slides
  • Each slide is a carefully chosen image and no more than 8 words
  • Do not speak the words on the slide