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English 9 Choice Unit: Practice Lesson

For Ms. Chaimainis' and Ms. Schomp's classes


Goal: Identify and list strategies to find reliable sources to answer a research question

Question: How are animals legally permitted to be used for education purposes in public primary and secondary schools in the state of Massachusetts?

Databases to try

Other searches to try

Noodletools sign in

You'll be using Noodletools to create and share your citations with your teachers. Please do the following:

  1. Everyone signs in to  If you forgot your password, try to retrieve it using the four digits of the phone number you used when creating your account. If that doesn't work, Mrs. Hanson can find your password.
  2. Designate one person in your group as the Noodletools account creator. They create the project and name it with the last names of everyone in the group.  Example: "Chaimanis Hanson Schomp." Then they share it with everyone in the group so everyone has access
  3. The Noodletools person will share the project with your teacher's drop box. Share it with the drop box that matches your class:
  • Chaimanis Research Q Practice
  • Schomp Research Q Practice A Block
  • Schomp Research Q Practice D Block
  • Schomp Research Q Practice G Block


Search Tips


  • Identify by scanning articles/summaries
  • Keep a list of keywords you have used
  • If you're not finding what you need, try new keywords
  • Remember to use "  "  to group words together in searches

Evaluate the source with the CRAP analysis

  • C--Currency (When was the source created?)
  • R--Relevance (Does the source answer your question? Can you understand it?)
  • A--Authority (Why do you trust the author?)
  • P--Purpose (Why was the source created?)