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Television and American Culture: Home

A research guide for Mr. Cochran's and Mr. Smith's AP Gov classes

How to use Proquest Historical Newspapers

Use the "limiters" in the left hand column to choose:

  • a date range or a specific date
  • a specific type of article ("article" is the best for this assignment)

Use the tools on the upper right hand side to

  • create a citation
  • download an article
  • email an article

Find books, articles and more in Questia

Start a project, save books and articles, and produce a bibliography when you're done. Check the screencasts on the left for instructions.

Find primary source newspaper articles in Proquest Historical Newspapers

Search tips

All in the Family

Suggested keywords:

"All in the family," "Archie Bunker," "Norman Lear," "Sammy Davis Jr.," television, bigot

More search tips:

  • If you use "All in the family" add "television" to eliminate all other articles including that phrase.
  • Select document type: article
  • Select date range 1970s
The Cosby Show

Suggested keywords:

"The Cosby Show," "Cliff Huxtable"

Search tips:

  • Select document type: article
  • Select date range: 1980s