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Build a blog workshop: June Academy

Blogging and Vlogging: June 2019

We will  

  • work collaboratively
  • have fun
  • challenge ourselves creatively and technically
  • learn about YouTube
  • document personal history
  • all contribute
  • give group members specific roles, ideally tailored to strengths
  • communicate with purpose 
  • share our work with each other
  • make a mukbang together
  • make an ASMR video


You will get this worksheet on the first day of class. Reflecting on it and answering it thoughtfully will help you wrap your head around the possibilities before you as you develop your authentic blogging voice on the platform of your choice. You will turn it in to me at the end of the first session.


build a blog worksheet page 1

image of build a blog worksheet 2

image of build a blog worksheet 3

image of build a blog worksheet 4

image of build a blog workhop worksheet 5

image of build a blog workshop worksheet 6