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3D Printing

How to use our 3D printer

Frequently asked questions

 Is the software free?  Yes


Do I have to pay for the filament?  No


Can I print personal things unrelated to school?  Yes, as long as they are "appropriate", which is determined by Mrs. Hanson


Do I need to know how to code?  No


How do I find things to print or modify? A Google search "chess piece .stl" gives .stl files of chess pieces that you can download and work with. You can also search sites like Tinkercad, Thingiverse and Instructables.



Spring 2018 Contest!

Design a keepsake charm, key ring or token for our graduating seniors.  

Submission requirements:

  • include an image of the design and an .stl file
  • be no larger than 1.5 inches long and wide, and .5 inches high
  • all designs must be original; no downloads of existing designs unless they are modified significantly
  • designers must use a CAD program like Tinkercad, Fusion 360 or Blender
  • due March 31 to Mrs. Hanson

Winner will be chosen by senior class officers and will be printed in maroon plastic on the library 3d printer. Seniors will get their keepsake from the library when we sign off for internships. 

What is 3D printing?

A 3D printer takes a 3D drawing rendered on a computer and extrudes a plastic filament to "print" the object.  Because of a generous grant from WEEFC, we have an amazing 3D printer for student and faculty use.

The printer, an awesome high quality Ultimaker 2, lives in the library.  Mrs. Hanson will help you use it. She encourages you to try this exciting new technology for school or personal projects.

Read a short article about  3D printing.