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3D Printing

How to use our 3D printer

3d printing gallery


A Japanese shrine for an AP World History project


The Green Team will award you with this if you are an energy saving superstar

iLab Keychain

A reminder to tinker and play at school

Companion Cube

For Portal


A Halloween print

Hagia Sophia

For AP World History Empires project

Arc de Triomphe

Printed for Foreign Language Week 2016 display

Fractally eroded mountain

Printed for the Fractal Fair 2016 (Honors PreCalc)

Just a lil boat

A birthday present for a lucky dad

A Menger sponge

Printed for the Fractal Fair 2016 (Honors Precalc)

The Parthenon

Printed for the Fractal Fair 2016 (Honors PreCalc). The roof is off so you can see the columns inside arranged using fractals.