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English 9 Choice Research Project

Evaluate your source

Choose your sources carefully. Evaluate them using the key questions of media literacy:

  1. Who created the message and what is the purpose?
  2. What techniques are used to attract and hold attention?
  3. What lifestyles, values and points of view are depicted?
  4. How might different people interpret this message?
  5. What is omitted?

Why use ebooks?

  • eBooks are available 24/7. 
  • Multiple people can use them at the same time.
  • Saves all your reading and titles if you make a personal account.


eBook search tips

  • To find the right book, you may need to identify the broader topic that your topic fits under. For example, if your topic is "racial profiling, " using the terms "law enforcement" or "police" may give you good results. Then you can use the table of contents and index to find large sections of text (pages, not sentences) that relate to your topic.  
  • Books may help you place your topic into context, or explore a focused aspect of your topic. It depends on the book.
  • Use books after you have read a few encyclopedia articles and generated a list of keywords, names and/or events relating to your topic.