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Conceptual Chemistry

Great places to search for information to complete assignments

Today's plan

  1. Sign into your Noodletools account
  2. Make a project named "Conceptual Chemistry"
  3. Share it with "South Conceptual Chem F"
  4. Cite the website you used to answer the question:  "Why did the ooblek do what it did?"
  5. Create a notecard from the citation
  6. Paste the text answering the question into box 1 
  7. Complete the rest of the notecard. Please see illustration for instructions.

Recommended databases

Chem Google Custom Search

Search here for teacher-approved authoritative websites.

Quoting v Paraphrasing


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Never lose your research again! Start your Noodletools account on campus. Use it to build citations, make notecards, and create "works cited" lists (also known as "bibliographies").

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