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Digital Literacy Seminar: Home

Welcome to the Digital Literacy Seminar research guide where you will find resources to help with citing and research. It is also the "home base" for a Digital Literacy class that where you show your knowledge of using the library website and citation skills. 

Links for the assignment

Find databases, books and other library resources like research guides. 


Lesson goal

In this lesson you will practice

  • using the library website to find information
  • citing sources in Noodletools. 

The assignment

Your assignment

Now that you know about evaluating sources and scanning results to find the most relevant sources, you will find two trustworthy sources about the video game "Among Us" and cite them in Noodletools, in the Digital Literacy project that you shared with Mrs. Hanson.

1) Sign in to your Noodletools and open your Digital Literacy Project. Click on the "Sources" tab and you are ready to go.

2) Find one article about "Among Us" on the General OneFile database.

3) Cite it in your Noodletools project

4) Find one more source. Choose between finding a book in the Weston High School Library catalog or a website or a video from a web search.

5) Cite it in your Noodletools project

6) Take the survey on the Google classroom

You're done!

Assignment help

The three tabs at the top of the page will help you do this assignment. Each tab has search and citation tips. 

  • Finding and citing database sources
  • Finding and citing books
  • Finding and citing sources from web searches


Your librarian

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Alida Hanson
Weston High School
444 Wellesley St.
Weston, MA 02394