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Summer book clubs for grades 6-12

About summer book clubs for grades 6-12

All middle and high school students are invited to join a Summer Book Club. It's your choice to join, and you choose which books to read.

  • The METCO department and English teachers are hosting the book clubs. The book club host is listed in the bullet points underneath the book description. The teachers won't be "teaching" the books. Many will be reading the books for the first time along with you.
  • All of the books have social or racial justice themes.
  • Every book is on Hoopla or Kanopy so you can get them for free with your Weston Public Library card..
  • Book club options include texts appropriate for students at different grade levels, from grades 6-12

Need help with your Weston Public Library card or Hoopla? No problem, just contact Mrs. Hanson and she will help you.

We are looking forward to meeting with you over the summer and talking about books together.