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Suggested Summer Reading 2019: Home


Dear students,

Summer is here and that means time to unplug, relax and read a book. Reading for fun is one of summer's greatest pleasures and I hope you decide to enjoy it. I suggest a few different ways for you to do that magical thing: build a stack of books to read over the summer and read through them!

  • Go to the "Suggested Reading" tab to see the list of books I made for this summer.
  • Ask me to create a personalized bag of books for you to borrow over the summer. Or fill your own. We supply the bag.
  • Go to the "Sync Audiobooks" tab and download two free audiobooks a week until August 1.
  • Go to the "Reading Lists to Browse" tab to see more reading lists. 
  • Go to the "Summer meet-up" tab to see when and where we are meeting this summer to talk about what we're reading. 
  • Visit the Weston Public Library or your local library. They have so many great books available for you.  


Mrs. Hanson

gif of happy wizard dancing with a pile of books

Think about this:

  • Research shows that the academic skills of students who don't read over the summer decline. This is called "summer slide." 
  • Research also shows that the skills of students who do read over the summer improve. 
  • The academic gap between students who read over the summer and those who don't widens exponentially over the years. 

On which side of the gap do you want to be?

Want to talk about reading? 

Email Mrs. Hanson at