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Weston High School Library

Databases: Please note

On 7/1/24, the Massachusetts Library System will stop providing WHS with databases because we won't have a full-time librarian. Find those databases at Weston Middle School, Weston Public Library and Boston Public Library.  

Summer Information


AP courses assign required summer work for which students are responsible on the first day of class.

Read books over the summer! For fun! Browse suggestions from the WHS community, including students and staff. 

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Can't find what you need?
Search the Minuteman Library System. The librarians will order the books and deliver to you in school.

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Audiobooks for required English reading


E and audiobooks for "fun" reading


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Hours:  Monday - Friday  7:30am-3:30pm    Phone: 781-786-5635     Policies | Annual Reports 

Contact: Erica Lockwell, Library paraprofessionalshe/her. email: |  Alida Hanson, Librarian, she/her, email: