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Library Policies

Library Policies: Basic Library Use


Using the library space

This space is used by everyone, and we try to accommodate everyone and strive to be flexible. Sometimes the space is loud, sometimes it's quiet. We love it when the library is filled with students! 

The general rules for conduct are: have your work out, sit in a chair, four people to a table and no playing sound from speakers. If a group or student behaves in a way that disrupts the learning of others, we will ask you to leave. We know that students don't like being asked to leave, and we don't like asking them to leave.

We are happy to reserve tables and rooms for people to use. Just ask your librarians.


Borrowing books

Students can borrow books for three weeks and then renew as necessary. You don't have to bring the book in to renew it, just email or tell us and we'll update. Teachers have a longer loan period. If you lose an item, we prefer that you buy a replacement and give it to us. If that's not possible, you can write a check made out the Weston Public Schools for the item.

Overdue notices are auto-emailed to you through the Destiny catalog. Overdue notices are sent to your school email every Friday at 6am. Once your item is over 30 days overdue, your guardian will also get an overdue email. We don't share what you read with anyone else, and we don't keep a record of what you read. 



Students can borrow computers, chargers, headphones, and other pieces of technology for one or two blocks. 

If a student doesn't return technology at the end of the loan period, we follow this policy:

  1. Student and parents will be contacted within 24 hours of discovery of loss.  Students are contacted by email, parents by phone and email.
  2. The Technology and Library Department bills parents if the technology isn’t returned within 48 hours of notification. The department bills again if parents do not pay within 30 days.
  3. Lost technology becomes a behavioral issue only when a student fails to comply with requests, disturbs the learning environment, vandalizes or steals. The fact that the computer is lost or not paid for by the parents is not a behavioral issue.
  4. After a student loses a piece of technology, they are allowed to borrow technology under a 3-month probation period that resets at the end of the school year. If they lose another piece of technology during that time, their technology borrowing privileges are permanently revoked.