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Suggestions for academic and free reading resources for ELE students


These databases have academic content at different reading levels, often with translation embedded. Try these to supplement or sub for textbook content. 


Lower reading level. Translation embedded.


Choose the reading level. Translation embedded.


Choose the reading level. Translation embedded. Has good children's magazines on academic topics for lower reading levels.


Higher reading level. Translation embedded. 


Higher reading level. Translation embedded.


Has a few good children's books on academic topics. No translation. 


Contact your librarian

Do you have a purchase request or want to talk about getting the right book? Please contact your librarian, Alida Hanson, at I look forward to talking with you. 


English language books

Reading for fun is an effective way to develop language proficiency.

ELE students have a wide range of reading levels and interests. Your librarian, Mrs. Hanson, would love to make a personalized list for you. Think about trying different kinds of books:


Who Was series 


Graphic novels
Bone (a classic for younger readers)


Novels in verse
Lots of white space, short sentences, tend to be dramatic and engaging, large collection in library


Accessible and popular poets like Rupi Kaur


World Language books collection

The library will be introducing collections of books in the following languages this year with more languages added as time goes on. Watch for announcements!

  • Simplified Chinese
  • Arabic
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Korean