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Anti-Racism & White Privilege: A crowd-sourced guide for educators

Anti-Racism and White Privilege: A crowd sourced guide for educators

How to contribute

Where do these resources come from? YOU!  Many of us have articles, books, and videos that have helped us learn and change. Many of us have valuable curated resources from trusted organizations.  We need a place to share and save so we can find trusted resources easily. This is the place.

You have two ways to submit:

  1. Add to the Padlet (tab above). I will add the resources you put on the Padlet to The Anti-Racist List (also on the left).
  2. Email me at

Annotate your sources! Share the impact the article or video has on you. It helps us understand it.

I will update the guide periodically. The organization of the guide will reflect the resources that you share. I am honored to participate in this work.

Alida Hanson.

About this guide

The Anti-Racisim and White Privilege Guide collects, shares and saves resources to help WHS educators to

  • understand anti-racist theory
  • develop anti-racist practices
  • understand and interrogate our white privilege

with the ultimate goal of becoming actively anti-racist educators (and human beings).