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Media Literacy Week

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Image of Newstrition app with the headline "making it easier to separate real from junk news"


The Newseum, Freedom Forum Institute and Our.News are pleased to present Newstrition®, an interactive tool that makes it easy for the public to make informed decisions about what is real and what is “junk” news — by providing nutritional labels attached to every news article online. These free tools make it easy to fact-check any news article, anywhere, yourself!

The labels provide:

  • Background information about news publishers, verified by the Freedom Forum Institute

  • Article sources, and ability for users to rate and contribute their own sources

  • Ability to rate your opinion on the article, and see what other people think

  • Fact-Check analyses from traditional fact-checkers like Politifact & Snopes

  • Media Bias Ratings from AllSides

After installing the mobile app, or browser extensions, just read the news anywhere you normally do. When you want to dig deeper, open Newstrition by either tapping the Newstrition icon, or tapping Share, then Newstrition!