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News Sources: Databases and archives

Newspapers from 1690-present, local, national and international and mulitmedia news sites

Databases and archives

Digital newspapers

Newspaper and magazine databases

AP Newsroom is an excellent source of news, neutral and unbaised as possible. It also offers you a fantastic library of professional news images that you can download and use in your projects. 

This database offers Boston Globe articles from 1980-yesterday.  It doesn't have photographs or charts. It offers tools like text-to-speech and translation. 

We've all been frustrated by the paywall. Now you can get behind it with Gale General One File, which has many popular magazines and newspapers including The Washington Post, The Atlantic, The National Review and more. The articles are available one day after publication. Please see the how-to guides on the left to find specific publications. 

This database offers New York Times articles from 1980-yesterday. It doesn't have photographs, charts or videos. It does have tools like text-to-speech and translation. 

How-to slideshow

How-to video

You can start watching this video at 55 seconds. The first part shows you how to find The New York Times and The Atlantic in the database, and the second part shows you how to find a specific article. It's 8 minutes long. 

Newspaper Digital Archives