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History Hall of Fame or Shame?: Citing and citations

Research help

What is a citation? What is citing?

A citation gathers all the identifying information about a source you used so that it can be identified and found by your reader.  When you cite the work you use on a works cited page, your project becomes trustworthy. If you create a project using sources and don't cite your sources in a works cited page, you are passing off other people's work as your own. That is plagiarism, and you are plagiarizing.  

The information in a citation can include:

  • author
  • article title
  • publisher
  • date of publication
  • URL
  • name of database

and other identifying information like page number depending on the kind of source you are using. 


Where do I get citations?

The databases give you premade citations for each article. You will find the button that creates the citation, then copy and paste the citation into your "Works Cited" google doc.