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Matching Readers to Resources: Finding leveled resources

Helping teachers connect students with great books, magazines, newspapers, ebooks, and audiobooks

K-8 and leveled reading

The K-8 catalogs use Fountas & Pinnell leveling. Not all books are F&P leveled, and you can search for them by level in the catalog.

High school students and leveled reading

We don't have leveled free reading in the library catalog for high school students. The best way to get students to read is to offer them a variety of resources and engage their personal interests in graphic novels, short books, comic books, entertaining nonfiction, etc. 

"High interest-low reading level" (hi-lo) books
Designed to fit the needs of older students with low reading levels. We have some of those on the shelf.

Reluctant Readers
Describes kids who don't like to read, for various reasons. Books for these kids can have super-compelling plot lines, tap into traditional interests like sports, teen-drama, or use graphic component to make the text more palatable, like graphic novels or nonfiction with lots of illustrations. We have some of these on the shelf.

Reader's Advisory
Over the past 15 years literature for teens has exploded. In the 90s, about 250 young adult books were published. Today, thousands are published each year. Granted, some of this stuff is formulaic and repetitive (like a lot of adult lit), but a lot of it is wonderful and just as good as the finest adult literature. We should be able to find something for everyone. 

Take a look at some of the reader's advisory titles on the shelf to understand the field of YA literature.


Some good sites to help find books for young adult readers


A great place for authoritative information. In addition to student research for papers, you can find supplementary or alternative texts when the standard text doesn't work for a student. Collect good articles and use them again and again.

Can't find what you need? Ask your librarian for recommendations for other databases.


Kids Infobits highlights

  • Specializes in K-8
  • A possibility for high school ELL and SPED students who read below grade level
  • Text-to-speech 
  • Leveling

Research in Context highlights

  • Specializes in middle school
  • A possibility for ELL and SPED students who read below grade level
  • Text-to-speech
  • Leveling

Britannica highlights

  • Good for grades 7-12
  • Choose from 3 reading levels
  • Text to speech
  • Links to public domain ebooks
  • Has video, audio, text

Grolier highlights

  • Excellent for grades 6-12. Not that much for K-5.
  • Outdated interface but good material
  • 4 reading levels, but not much available for lowest level
  • Text to speech
  • Video 
  • Paper topic starters