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Legal Rights for Teens: Home

Learn about your rights and the legal process

Online Search tips

When searching for this kind of information online, try these terms:

  • civil procedures
  • legal concerns of youth

Hint: Lawyers often put this kind of information on their websites to drive search traffic for advertising. When you land on a site with legal information be sure to investigate who made the site. There are many excellent legal resources available for free as this guide shows: you don't need to use a lawyer's advertising site. 

About Legal Rights for Teens

image of teens protesting in front of the White House holding a sign with the words "Youth Rights"

This guide gives you resources to learn about the legal rights of teens in Massachusetts, general information about American law and lawyers, and basic information about the US government. The resources are books, videos, websites and databases. We have some of the resources here at school and others you can access through the Boston Public Library website. 

If you have good resources to add please let Mrs. Hanson know and she will add them to the guide. 

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